My daughter’s hair bow collection started well before she was even born. The wonderful thing about hair bows is that they fit for years! They don’t outgrow them, unlike their wardrobe that seems to be too small every few months. Thus, our collection of hair bows has grown over the years and now that she is four-years-old we have found a system to store all the bows. Our system allows us to easily find the exact color and size we want, when we need it.

Here is what they look like:


The design is simple and easy. It is 4.5 feet of ribbon on a 2-3 inch ring. The rings that I hang my ribbon from are actually re-purposed rings that  came with the scarves I purchased at Target (the scarves hang on them for display purposes and most people actually throw them out). I ran out of these rings from Target at one point, so I went to the hardware store and asked if they had something like these 3 inch rings. They brought me to the plumbing section where I picked up several 2 inch plastic rings for under a dollar each.

Here is how I made the hair bow holders in five simple steps:

  1. Gather the supplies you will need for this project. This includes the following- A pair of scissors, a tape measure, a hot glue gun, several 2-3 inch rings (you will need one for each hair bow holder-we use one for each color of hair bows at our house), 1.5 inch wide ribbon (4.5 feet needed for each bow holder), and a lighter.
  2. Measure out 54″ (4.5 feet of ribbon). I add a couple of inches, because you have to fold the riboon down on top for gluing. Therefore, in order to make a bow holder that is 54″ long, you probably need to measure out 56″ inches and then cut.
  3. Take the ribbon and fold it over the plastic ring. I leave about 1.5-2 inches on the fold over (backside which will be glued).
  4. Glue down the 1.5-2 inches of ribbon onto the backside of the long 54″ of ribbon. This will secure the ring. Just be sure to use enough hot glue to make it secure. Tap the ribbon as it dries so that the pieces of ribbon are fused together with the glue securely.
  5. Take the very bottom of the ribbon and using a lighter gently and quickly use the flame to seal the ribbon. This will keep it from fraying. Don’t put the flame too close, as you don’t want to light your ribbon on fire. If this is your first time sealing ribbon, do it near a sink just in case you do in fact start it on fire you have a water source handy. (I did not show step five in the video below)

When hanging these up in a closet you can easily use 3M hooks to hang the ribbons. I like 3M hooks because you can hang them on the wall and move them around easily. They don’t leave marks, so you can even use them on the back of a door. Here are the 3M hooks I am referring to:

For my daughter’s hair bow holders we have a decorative faux birdcage with hooks on the bottom. I simply hang the rings from the hooks on this birdcage. I found this decorative piece at Hobby Lobby a number of months ago. You can also simply use nails in the wall to hang your rings.


Here is a short video I made of how to make a hair bow holder (I now have a Living Joy Daily YouTube channel where I will be periodically adding content):

Happy hair bow making! Now you will have even more space to store more hair bows (happy shopping too)!