For the past year I have been cringing every time I opened our spice cabinet. It is a mess. It really isn’t my domain though. My husband uses far more spices than I do. I keep things more basic in the kitchen. I try to use recipes that don’t have long lists of ingredients. I wasn’t always this way, but now I have small kids that take more attention and energy and the gourmet meals have taken a backseat. Unless of course it is my husband doing the cooking. He does things gourmet style. He gets that from his father who is also amazing and natural in the kitchen. Hence, the spice cabinet is more my husband’s domain more than mine at the moment.

One of the first arguments that Justin and I had after being married was about the spice cabinet. I am not kidding. I like to keep things in the household organized, fresh, and neat (as much as I can anyway). Justin is the true chef in our household. I cook, but he is a chef and master of the grille. One day I decided to clean out “his” spice cabinet. I really thought I was doing him a favor. I sorted things out and threw away anything that was expired. BIG MISTAKE. He was very upset. Ever more so because I did it while he was out of town for work and I had thrown things away, the garage had been collected, and I couldn’t tell him which spices had been thrown out. He didn’t know which ones he needed to now buy. It was a problem, because now he had to check to make sure we had the right spices every time he made a meal. Before my clean-up he knew they were all there (expired and all). Most men would freak out if you throw things out in the garage. Mine will freak out if you throw out things from the spice cabinet. Ok, so he would freak out if I threw out or gave away any of his tools too. It is always a learning process when it comes to boundaries, especially early on in marriage.

I decided to organize the spice cabinet last week. This time, I assured my husband that I wouldn’t throw out a single item and I didn’t. Every spice is still in that cabinet, but it now looks a whole lot better! I used a spice organization system I found on Amazon. You can click on the pic to go to the link.

It is the Spicy Shelf System. It is an “as seen on TV” product. Let me just say- it works great! I get nothing for sharing this information, like any of my previous blog postings, I simply like to share things that work well in my house for our family. I like to share the blessing of making life easier, more pleasant, and of course more organized!

This spice rack system helps a great deal because it gives you extra storage shelf space around the perimeter of the cabinet. It gives you extra space for storing the small spice bottles. I am loving this system! It is expandable, and you can make it different heights so it works for almost any cabinet size. My husband appreciated it too. He said that he was going to try to keep things nice and neat and use this system. The orange bin has his grilling spices, so that he can grab the bin and take it outside easily. He is happy with the changes and happy I didn’t throw any spices out this time!

Here is a view of the cabinet with his grilling spice bin removed.