Molly’s Crock Pot Beef Roast. T

his is a go-to in my household since I learned about this recipe and I make it every week!


3-5 lb beef roast in crock pot

1 packet of gravy powder mix

1 pocket of hidden valley mix

1 packet of Italian dressing mix

Cook in crock pot all day. You want the meat to reach 195 degrees to get it to fall apart. This temp is what allows for the connective tissues to be dissolved and it becomes really tender meat.

Added to note: I will put 1/8 of an inch of beef stock or water (if I don’t have the beef stock) on the bottom. Just to ensure it doesn’t stick to my crock pot and burn the bottom. Not too much, because you don’t want to dilute the spices and you aren’t making soup. Just enough to cover the bottom.