We recently switched Brielle’s bedroom with the playroom. They are both bedrooms with attached bathrooms, but the bathroom she had was a shared jack-n-jill bathroom. Now that she is almost ten we thought it would be a good idea for her to change rooms so she could have a private bathroom and not have to share with her brothers. We don’t need a private bathroom for the playroom anyway.

When we moved into our current home Brielle was 18 months old. Justin and I had purchased an antique bedroom set at an estate sale in Wisconsin, before we ever had children. We had it repainted and Brielle used it from the time we moved to Texas when she was 18 months old until now. It was adorable, but not enough storage for Brielle’s clothes and whatnot now that she is a bit older. We needed more drawer space. I shopped online for a while and then decided that I wanted to get vintage dressers once again. I searched to no avail. Finally, after months of searching for the perfect set online, I found a seller on marketplace who refinishes vintage furniture. I could see from the photos of her work that she was detail oriented and did beautiful work. I reached out and explained what we were looking for in a bedroom set. I wanted two dressers, one long and one high, along with a night stand. She said she would look for a set and get back to me.

Within a few days she reached out to me. She had found a vintage French provincial set made by Drexel. She refinished it in pure white for us and the result is a gorgeous bedroom set! We upcycled amazing furniture and overall saved money in the long run. Check out the prices of new quality dressers and you will have your jaw drop. Meanwhile, there are vintage, solid wood quality pieces out there that simply need some love and attention. I am so thankful for Megan Johnson of Funky Town Furniture. She did a beautiful jon with Brielle’s dressers. You can follow her on Instagram at https://instagram.com/funkytownfurniture?utm_medium=copy_link

Or simply search @funkytownfurniture on Instagram.
If you have any furniture projects you want to get done or your home, then I recommend reaching out to Megan via @funkytownfurniture on Instagram.

The bed we purchased for Brielle’s new room is actually a Pottery Barn canopy bed in gold that is still available on their website. I found it on Facebook marketplace. I had simply searched “gold full sized beds”. I purchased it locally from a friend of a friend (we found we have some Facebook friend connections). Her daughter wanted a larger bed. We were lucky and got this “like new” bed frame the same day I saw it online!

I finished the look of the room with some Amazon purchases including a new area rug, coverlet, and lamp. We also changed out the fan in the room for a chandelier style crystal fixture with fan. Here are the links for these items-

Coverlet- https://amzn.to/3mvLvFY

Lamp- https://amzn.to/3ygpGwx

Rug- https://amzn.to/3mwQl5P

Chandelier Fan- https://amzn.to/3ljBs4S

The antique bedroom set we had purchased in Wisconsin 12 years ago or so, has been cascaded down to my niece Jenny. During the last week of summer break I took the kids and a U-haul trailer filled with the furniture to my Brother’s home in Sugarland, TX. Little Jenny was thrilled with her new bedroom. She loves all things pretty, frilly, and girly. She kept asking “for me?” She was so excited it was all for her! She is adorable and the room is perfect for her!